quarta-feira, maio 10, 2006


Oh God, let it be reason. Wile some suffocation increasons my spontaneous emotions I try to listening the heart. Some noisily music, some frightening sounds of speech...why is there a tendency to trust the simpathy of words...? Can those enormous fields of words have the power of the sun after the rain?
Some darkness fulfield my thouths, the feeling of contrast, two lives many spirits...
Some how I get to remember the references of attitudes in time, some of them leave no words behind, just real feelings, real filling beliefs.
can I ask where the beauty of a thing with no place to be can have?
is there beauty in something so obscur, caress and dangerous?
Some complain some vanished love...
Love slhould be free litlle boy!
the thing is that I have no desire on being this improved woman. I´m poor in time and space, as always...There´s no need to explenations at this time of my life.
Wake up the dream is NOT over!

Magic Angel